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There is a fortune LOST in the FOLLOW UP.

Many never follow up on deals, leads, strategic partners, dreams or opportunity.

Coach Burt believes “an object at rest will stay at rest unless acted on by an outside force.”

Coach will show you how to be that force that creates movement.

only $97


“Everybody needs a good coach in life.”

Those that have great coaches out perform those that don’t 3-4X and out earn those that don’t 3-4X.

Burt is both INTENSE and POSITIVE and many like his authentic nature and pure coaching skills of packaging and delivering content in ways that get people to take action and get results.

Coach Micheal Burt is considered “America’s Coach,” a unique blend of a former championship basketball coach combined with a deep methodology of inner-engineering people to produce at a higher level in the business world. Coach Burt found his unique voice early in life at the age of 15 by starting his basketball coaching career with a junior pro basketball team.

In this FOUR WEEK ZOOM coaching SERIES with best selling author and America’s Coach Micheal Burt you will learn:

⁃ How to OPEN your mind to how much money and opportunity is really lost due to poor follow up

⁃ Why follow up is so critical to putting deals together, building partnerships, and closing other people on a decision

⁃ A seven touch follow up system with new methodology on follow up with both linear and non-linear touches

⁃ The four REAL reasons for follow up so you understand the true purpose of the follow up

⁃ A series of CONVERSION POINTS to bring a DEAL or partnership to a CLOSE

⁃ How to know if you should initiate a 7 touch follow up with a person or not

⁃ How to know within 15 seconds if you have a real prospect who is INTERESTED

⁃ How to bring an opportunity or deal to a CLOSE through specific language and terminology

⁃ How to CONVERT big prospects to join your team based on language, forward movement and enthusiasm

only $97

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