A 3-day couples retreat to build an "intentional life!"

Learn how to live as a POWER COUPLE, and learn how to include each other's talents in your business.

NOVEMBER 03-06, 2022

Seaside, FL


includes Lodging, some meals and INCREDIBLE COACHING


  • How to build and intentionally congruent life and get it all in with demanding schedule.

  • How to live in harmony with an ambitious and driven spouse or partner.

  • How to include each other's talents in a bigger vision.

  • How to balance drive with family.
  • How to scale a business without leaving your family behind.

  • How to use the primary business to fuel other passions that are in alignment with the vision

  • How to cooperate with and not compete against the ambition of your spouse

  • plus other valuable insights


  • Check in your house at 4:00 pm

  • Meet and Greet Dinner 6:00 pm

DAY 2 - 3

  • SESSIONS: 10:00 - 2:00

  • Brunch Provided


  • Check out of houses by 10:00 am


Coach Micheal and Natalie Burt

Micheal and Natalie Burt met when Natalie attended one of Coach Burt’s workshops over 10 years ago while she was looking to activate her potential. The two formed a strong bond and Natalie left the work she was in and locked in to her passion of hospitality and catering. Many years later Natalie would write the book “Living with a Monster” which became a hit around the world and the couple turned it in to a three day couples retreat helping couples keep it all together while building their empires. Micheal and Natalie routinely do six couples retreats per year around this unique curriculum that helps couples see each other in the correct light, understand the business, and helps each person find their unique talents in the marriage.

Micheal and Natalie have two kids with a third on the way and take great pride in helping entrepreneurial couples build their businesses while not leaving the family unit behind.

John and Stephanie Wetmore

John and Stephanie Wetmore have been married for 12 years and have 5 children. Together they have built a successful insurance agency that will do over 200 million in volume this year with over 2,000 agents selling a policy monthly. They have been through it all during their 15 years together- richer, poorer, sickness and health. Through their commitment to making their marriage a priority they have overcome every obstacle put in their way. They will share what has worked and what hasn’t while navigating children, a successful business and every day life challenges.

Location: Seaside, FL

Date: November 3-6, 2022

Accommodations and some meals provided in beautiful houses with your own suite.

Coaching to be done at Coach Micheal Burt’s private house in Watercolor, FL

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